Evangelical Church of Glyfada


L.Vouliagmenis 65b & Achileous 29, Glyfada 16566, Athens, Greece

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Open Church

Our church is open every day from 9am to 3pm. Please contact us through the available contacts.

09: 00 - 15:00


Small Groups

Small groups take place every Wednesday in designated houses where we read the Bible, ask questions, and pray for each other.



Sermon on the Word

Every Sunday at 11 am, the preaching of the Word takes place at the church.


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    Why don't you have icons?

    Our architecture emphasizes the simplicity and non-figurative (imageless) worship of God, in order to focus on the dimension that God is spirit and asks for worship "in spirit and truth".

    We appreciate the visual, aesthetic and teaching use of images, but we do not ascribe to them devotional worship.

    Do you perform the sacraments?

    The Evangelical Church recognizes and applies the ceremonies of the Holy Eucharist and Baptism, following the clear commands of the New Testament.

    As for the Priesthood, Marriage, Blessing, Anointing and Confession, the Evangelical Church recognizes their usefulness in the spiritual life of the faithful, but does not characterize them as sacraments.

    Do you believe in the Virgin Mary?

    We honour the mother of our Lord and remember her faithfulness with respect. We recognize her as blessed, for the privilege she was given to take part in the mystery of the ages, the Incarnation of the Divine Word, Jesus Christ.

    Furthermore, we are exemplified by her life, paying attention to her exhortation to "do whatever (Jesus) tells you" as she said at the wedding of Cana.

    With her energy, she turned everyone's eyes to her son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Do you believe in the Saints and Church Fathers?

    We honour the people who have been rightly canonized as examples, to imitate and to inspire us in a life of faith and devotion.

    Accordingly, we study the writings of the Fathers with particular interest, always of course under the light of the Holy Bible.

    Do you have priests?

    The Evangelical Church, following the clear commands of the New Testament, accepts the priesthood of all faithful Christians.

    Thus, in its structure, there are no priests as a separate and special category of officials who have the authority to mediate and impart the grace of God.

    The Evangelical Church ordains pastors, into giving them the responsibility of guiding the faithful and of taking care of the work of the Church, not to make them into a special position in some church hierarchy.

    The pastor and presbytery of the church are elected by the congregation, have the responsibility of administration, spiritual supervision and coordination of the work of the church, and are accountable every year to the flock, which actively participates in making important decisions.

    How is it possible for someone to be Greek and not be an Greek Orthodox?

    We recognize the special role of the Orthodox Church in Greece. We love our homeland, and claim recognition of the contribution of the Greek Evangelicals.

    The Greek Evangelicals were and are present in all the struggles of Hellenism.

    We accept as a historical fact the special relationship of Orthodoxy with Hellenism, but we could not theologically agree with the identification of these two concepts, as the Christian Church cannot and should never be identified with a specific nation.

    What is your official name?

    Evangelicals, Protestants or Evangelists?

    The first two of the names mentioned in the question are correct.

    The name Protestants (from the Latin "protestari") historically connects us with the religious Reformation movement of the 16th century.

    But we prefer the name Evangelicals because it fits with our emphasis on the Gospel.

    Mistakenly, many times in the media the Evangelicals are referred to as "Evangelists", however this specific term is incorrect, as the Evangelists were the authors of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

    How is worship done in the Evangelical Church?

    Worship in the Evangelical Church has three main elements.

    1. First, the preaching of the Gospel, which aims to teach and encourage the faithful.
    2. Secondly, the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, which is the culmination of worship.
    3. Thirdly, the participation of all believers in the hymnody, as the whole congregation sings the hymns.

    Everything included in the worship is done in modern Greek so that the whole congregation can understand and actively participate.

    All of our gatherings are open to the public, and anyone who wants to is welcome to attend.