Contemplative life

Our belief is that the good news of the Gospel can inspire every human uniquely and through this personal encounter with the gospel they can live a transformed life. Humans are the only beings that pose questions regarding their existence and actively seeks for answers. However, we live at a time during which people do not choose deep, meaningful contemplation but rather indulge in quick information. The Bible on the other hand suggests the contemplative life which is not withdrawal into the private sphere but rather submits human nature to the "torment" of seeking and questioning about all the things he takes for granted. Additionally, the contemplative life as a way of living that does not submit to the emotional impulse but rather invests in a life of self-examination, finding salvation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hospitable Life

Our understanding of the Church is determined by the teaching of the Bible, according to which the Church does not exist for herself and to serve her religious agenda. On the contrary, it exists to constitute the context of coexistence of different people where the truth of the Gospel is embodied in acts of service, sacrifice and inspiration. The first communities of faith embodied this vision of hospitality and encouraged every Christian to consider himself as a host who readies himself on a personal as well as a collective level to welcome and serve the people of the city.

Love for the neighbour and the city

The transformation that results in a person's life from personal faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is expressed on many levels. It starts from the person's heart and extends to his family, his neighbourhood and his city. The gospel of Jesus enlightens us to see that our neighbour is every person we meet, and therefore we are called to respond in love. In a world that cultivates the dynamics of fear to encourage or discourage people, we believe that every Christian is called to reveal love towards his neighbour and his city.

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Our church is open every day from 9am to 3pm. Please contact us through the available contacts.

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Small Groups

Small groups take place every Wednesday in designated houses where we read the Bible, ask questions, and pray for each other.



Sermon on the Word

Every Sunday at 11 am, the preaching of the Word takes place at the church.